Communications Doesn't Have to be Hard

Meet Katie

Copywriter and Communications Expert

I am so excited you're here! I will ALWAYS be happy to have you. As a friend, as a client, as a drinking buddy. You rock!

I'm Katie.


I'm first and foremost a student of life, always trying to discover more about this crazy world we live in. When I have an idea, I write. 

I have been a rowing coach, a salesperson, a government employee, and my favorite, a writer. 

I can be sarcastic as hell and pretty sassy. I am also tough when necessary and rarely take anyone's shit. On the flip side though, I love and care so hard it hurts sometimes.​

I'm an empath, ENFP, Blue (Ntrinsx), Enneagram 4. These all help me be a better communicator.

I am mostly optimistic and like to push the edges of comfort zones.

What I Specialize In




Company Culture

Internal Communications

Marketing Communications

Starting with understanding your audience, we can build communications that work for you.

Let's Work Together

  • Let's talk culture, communications, audience, and strategy.

    1 hr

    49 US dollars
  • Develop ideas to take back to your organization

    1 hr 30 min

    79 US dollars
  • 1-on-1 call to improve your communications skills.

    1 hr

    49 US dollars