Make Kindness Common


The TODAY show just announced their second annual #ShareKindess campaign. During the month of December, they will be highlighting stories they receive of empathy, generosity, and humanity. Perfect timing, the season of giving, right?

Wrong. The perfect time for kindness is now, this second, today, tomorrow, forever.

And not for the spotlight, the fame, or the opportunity to appear on TODAY.

Be kind, or shut up. Be kind, or sit down. Be kind, or get out.

Every day I read stories about individuals, companies, or even countries and the kindness they show to others. To people who may need a random act to brighten their day, people who are hurting in tragedy, or countries who have lost a beloved dog. These stories make news because kindness has yet to become part of our everyday lives.

We like and share these stories because of their uniqueness. I gravitate to these stories because I would much rather read about people helping, giving, and being nice, than the rest of the news I see.

I think instead we should all work together to #makekindnesscommon, that this life has no place for hatred, indecency, or indifference.

Here are a few easy ways for us to be kind now and everyday.

  1. Give a compliment.

  2. Say please and thank you.

  3. Open the door for someone.

  4. Ask "how are you?"

  5. Call someone you care about, tell them you care.

  6. Pick up a piece of litter.

  7. Invite a lonely friend for dinner.

  8. Think of other's feelings before you speak.

  9. Smile.

Check out this list of 102 Random Acts of Kindness for more ideas.

What are you doing to #makekindnesscommon?


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